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Charlotte Blackwell's Blog Tour

About Charlotte Blackwell

Charlotte Blackwell author of The Embrace Series is delighted to have the opportunity to follow her dreams of writing. She would love to share a little bit about her self with you now.
Charlotte was born in October of 1976. On the day of her birth Charlotte's father was racing stock cars, while her two older sister's watched from the stands as their father crashed through the wall of the race track. Within moments the stock car he was driving came back through the wall, and he won the race. He took his two daughters and hurried to the hospital for the birth of his third daughter, Charlotte.
Raised in Edmonton, Alberta, Charlotte enjoyed swimming, singing (although not so great at it) and writing her thoughts down. She never shared her passion for writing with anyone, and it got put on the back burner. As Charlotte grew, she found a new passion in medicine, she became the athletic trainer for her high school men's basketball team. Helping the team through their injuries are some of her best memories as a teen.
After the birth of he first daughter Jorden, Charlotte moved to Calgary, Alberta where she returned to college for her practical nursing certificate. During her schooling Charlotte became pregnant her second daughter, Shawnee. Due to complications, Charlotte was put on bed rest and have to step away from school. Shawnee was born and not breathing, the staff worked to resuscitated the small baby, and succeeded. Charlotte returned to school only six weeks later and completed her course. She began working with children, and eventually in the special care nursery for ill and pre-term babies.
Charlotte and James finally decided to get married in 2005 and completed their family with a son, Lucas in 2006 who was born six weeks early and had three surgeries by one month old. Today all three of their children are happy, healthy and very active, Jorden is a very talented dancer and singer who performs with The Young Canadians and performs at the Grandstand show nightly during the Calgary Stampede, she is also home schooled. Shawnee is an amazing artist and hopes to become a fashion designer one day .Both girls are honor students on top of their activities. Lucas is still young, but has enjoyed kick boxing and wants to try his hand at hockey and baseball.
Charlotte and James live with their children, two huskies and two cats just outside of Calgary, Alberta. They cherish every moment they have together as a family and hope to soon travel the world. James and the children have been great supporters of Charlotte from day one and continue to cheer her on along the way. Shawnee has also tried her hand at writing and recently completed an illustrated children's book. I guess writing is in her blood.
Charlotte has a strong passion for young adult novel especially those in the paranormal or dark fantasy genre's. As she continues to work on The Embrace Series, Charlotte is also working on a mainstream romance and a science fiction novel involving alternate universes. She will continue to up date this site with her work and what is next, and she thanks you all for your support and encouragement.


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I want to thank all the bloggers who signed up for this tour. You are all so amazing. Huge hugs!!


Diana said...

The Embrace Series has the most beautiful covers I have seen lately.
Thank you for the tour and giveaway!
(Demitra Giote)

Anonymous said...

awesome giveaway.... Charlotte ROCKS!!!! Totally enjoyed the series and how she put some real life issues into the story as well.

Joann H. Buchanan said...

Oh yes, she does have the most beautiful covers. :D

I don't know if you can tell, but I'm also a HUGE fan of Charlotte. :D

Thank you guys for commenting! :D

Huge hugs

Irayda Moran said...

Immortal Embrace was an awesome book, the second is on my to read pile. I felt I connected with all the characters..

vamps and stuff said...

Wow some nice stuff I love the books. All of them

Leslie Dover said...

Awesome giveaway!!!

Hollow May said...

Thank you for the giveaway!!

Charlotte Blackwell said...

Thank you to all of you for your support and encouragement. I'm so glad you are enjoying the series and wish you all luck in the giveaway.

barmybex said...

Awesome Giveaway - this is EPIC!!! :D

Irayda Moran said...

Whos the winner?

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